What then?

If after reviewing, analyzing, and comparing documents and figures related to disputed elements of your claim, the two Appraisers are not able to agree on one or more aspects of it, they will then submit their documented, disputed findings to a third person, known as an Umpire. Selection of this person as Umpire will have been mutually agreed upon by both Appraisers, prior to beginning their review of documents.

After the two Appraisers have presented the Umpire with both sides of the disputed amounts, he will then review these items and attempt to come to an agreement with one or the other of the two Appraisers. If the Umpire is able to do so, then you as the insured policyholder will be awarded that agreed-upon amount.

This may sound all cut and dried, but it really is a much more complex process than it might seem. To enter into the Appraisal process and to come out whole, you need to arm and educate yourself ahead of time.

The most important aspect of this entire process involves knowing how to select the right kind of professional to serve as your Appraiser.