If disaster has struck your business… could this be you?

  • You’ve got taxes due, shipments promised, and payroll to make.
  • You’re worrying how you’ll get your equipment rolling again and how much of a production lag you’ll be facing.
  • You’ve got tenants out on the street, posing loss-of-rents problems for you.
  • Your inventory is completely destroyed, and you don’t have the capital to replace it.
  • The fire destroyed only a third of your building, but everywhere else is black with soot and smoke.
  • You’ve got three different insurance carriers to deal with, but your office – and all the records you need – is in ruins.
  • What the fire didn’t consume, the fire hoses drenched beyond recognition.
  • Your building was nearly 90% complete, but now you’re looking at day-by-day behind-schedule penalties.
  • What about your new carpet – it’s damaged beyond use, but is it part of your building claim or your contents claim?
  • You’ve been meaning to replace your security system and are kicking yourself now for not having done so.
  • Most of your pre-sales were contingent upon a completion date that is no longer possible.
  • You don’t have even so much as a toothbrush, let alone a change of clothes.

At The Baldwin Company, we understand the potential impact of serious loss due to weather or fate. Contact us. We can help.