Mistakes – yours and your insurance company’s – are much easier to avoid than to undo

Unfortunately, many difficulties with property claims don’t become apparent until after a claim has already been submitted. That’s why we encourage you to call us early, and let us help from the very beginning.

You should be aware that insurance company adjusters form their initial impressions of your claim immediately after your loss. And it is at this time that company adjusters reserve, or set aside, funds for your claim, based on their estimate of the damage, not yours.

Ideally, you need The Baldwin Company, Inc. with you from the beginning, to make sure the insurance company is forming an accurate opinion of your loss. And besides, your many and varied responsibilities as the policyholder begin immediately after a loss is suffered.

“Bottom line, we’d have never gotten a fair settlement from the carrier without your help. Your assistance added over $165,000 to the final settlement. Next time we have a loss of any magnitude, we will retain your firm right from the start.”

Kip Darling,
hurricane – The Dockside Inn Oceanfront Kure Beach, NC

“By hiring you immediately, your staff arrived at once to begin the process of inventory, while we were able to concentrate our total energies on getting back into business much quicker. I can truly say that if I should ever have the misfortunate to have another fire, I will make two calls: one to the fire department, and the next to The Baldwin Company.”

W. H. (Harold) Denny,
fire – Art Industries Manufacturing Plant Concord, NC

“Thank you for getting the fire loss at our house settled. We regret that after our loss, several months passed before we learned of your company and the service you provide. I have long believed that unfamiliar and professional matters should be handled by professional people. Your excellent service has reinforced that belief.”

Lindley Johnson,
house fire – Mobile Digital Imaging Service, Inc. Asheville, NC

“I would suggest to any businessman or homeowner who ha suffered the tragedy of a property loss to engage your firm immediately. There is absolutely no way that an individual person is equipped to handle the details necessary to bring about the settlement that you did for us. I can tell you this: if we eer have the misfortune to have another loss, as soon as we hang up the phone with the fire department, we will be calling you.”

Wm. L. Shepheard, Jr.,
Air-a-Plane Corporation Norfolk, Virginia

“You certainly enlightened me when you showed me that you were able to get a settlement from three to four times what the insurance company adjuster had originally offered. I only wish I had known of you and had contacted you immediately after my fire, rather than going through the agony of dealing with the insurance company for several months before I had a friend recommend your company. I hope I never need your services again, but if I do, I will call you immediately and not wait until I have exhausted all possibilities of settling with the insurance company.”

R. D. (Bob) Reed
fire – Reed Supply Company, Precision Components for Builders Thomasville, NC