A message from Wes Baldwin, president and founder of The Baldwin Company, Inc.

Having worked with business owners’ and homeowners’ claims for more than 35 years now, I have come to realize that most people have a couple of primary questions:

  • I’m not having any problems, so why do I need The Baldwin Company? I’ll call you if I need you.
  • Why should I pay you a fee to get what is rightfully mine?

In other words, many people feel that they need to believe they are having problems with their claim before they can mentally justify paying The Baldwin Company a fee to make sure they get paid everything they are entitled to.

But here is the reality of it all. Someone attempting to document a property-damage claim for the first time may think they are “not having any problems,” but that in and of itself is the problem: They are not likely to be aware of many parts of their policy’s legitimate benefits which they are overlooking through this lack of knowledge.

The reason that someone like you should consider paying a fee to a public adjuster like The Baldwin Company is also answered in the question itself: you should do this in order to make sure that you do get everything that is rightfully yours.

You need a pro like us on your side who will be looking out for your interests. Once you hire us, you will find that we will help you legitimately substantiate your claim sufficiently enough that our fee will be more than covered.

We have tried to answer some general questions here, but the fact of the matter is that each loss is completely unique. Therefore, you really need to call The Baldwin Company and let us discuss your particular loss so that we can answer more specific questions for you.