Additional FAQs for Business Owners

Please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with all of the preceding FAQs prior to reading the following more specific FAQs (links are provided on this page). You will find those additional pages of FAQs will provide more context for the ones on this page.

Q: With my plant currently out of production, I am losing money. What could a Public Adjuster possibly do to help me with this situation?

Q: Without the normal rental income from all our tenants who have had to temporarily relocate, we are having trouble making ends meet. Can a Public Adjuster do anything to get me some money any sooner?

Q: All my assets/inventory have been destroyed, and so I am too short on cash to even begin temporary repairs. I know that I’m supposed to protect my property, but what should I do?

A: Cash-flow problems are among the most severe consequences that a business owner has to deal with during the settlement of a large property-loss claim. One of the many ways that The Baldwin Company helps our clients is that, being familiar as we are with the ins and outs of the claims process, we are often able to determine a way to get the insurance company to advance you some funds to deal with some of these more pressing issues.

Q: I’ve asked my employees to help, but we are all having trouble remembering what all we had stored in our storage rooms throughout our facility. How could a Public Adjuster possibly be able to help me with this problem?

Q: All my records I need to prove my claim were destroyed in the fire. Can a Public Adjuster help me reconstruct an inventory of all our contents?

A: Dealing with very real scenarios like these is what we at The Baldwin Company do best. Our experienced experts are able to help you reconstruct an inventory of your contents – we know what sorts of questions to ask, to help prod your memory about stored items; we know how to re-document the prices of items for which you no longer have receipts; and we are familiar with what sorts of objections the insurance company’s adjuster might put forth, and so we are pro-actively able to make sure your claim covers all the bases.

Q: Our business is highly specialized with unique equipment. How can I convince the insurance company’s adjuster of how much it will cost to replace this expensive machinery?

A: The terms of your insurance policy – which is a contract between you and your insurance company – require you to prove your loss. As your representatives, The Baldwin Company will document your loss to help you prove your claim and will also negotiate, on your behalf, with the insurance company’s representatives to try to get them to agree with our decisions on such issues as these. Please see the Appraisal Clause section of this website, for further information on this important option.