Additional FAQs for homeowners

Please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with all of the preceding FAQs prior to reading the following more specific FAQs (links are provided on this page). You will find those additional pages of FAQs will provide more context for the ones on this page.

Q: We’re having to spend a lot of money on gas, driving our children from our temporary living quarters back to our home school district every day. What can a Public Adjuster do to get me some insurance money to help pay for these additional expenses?

Q: We’ve been staying in a motel since our loss occurred, but now we realize that our house won’t be ready for several months. Can a Public Adjuster help us get relocated to a house?

Q: None of our clothes are wearable now, but we can’t afford to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for everyone. What should we do?

A: Too many homeowners are not aware of the very helpful “Additional Living Expenses” (ALE) provision of their insurance policy, which provides a way for someone who has suffered a loss to live as comfortably as possible until their home is once again inhabitable. We at The Baldwin Company are well versed in helping our clients benefit from this coverage, and we are also usually able to negotiate with your insurance company to get them to advance some money for you to live on while your claim is being settled. This is just one of the many reasons you need a pro like us on your side.

Q: My wife and I are having trouble remembering what all we had stored in our attic and basement. How could a Public Adjuster possibly be able to help me with this problem?

Q: All my records I need to prove my claim were destroyed in the fire. Can a Public Adjuster help me reconstruct an inventory of all our contents?

A: Dealing with very real scenarios like these is what we at The Baldwin Company do best. Our experienced experts are able to help you reconstruct an inventory of your contents – we know what sorts of questions to ask, to help prod your memory about stored items; we know how to re-document the prices of items for which you no longer have receipts; and we are familiar with what sorts of objections the insurance company’s adjuster might put forth, and so we are pro-actively able to make sure ahead of time that your claim covers all the bases.

Q: We followed our insurance company’s instructions about having everything professionally cleaned following our fire. However, we are still dealing with terrible smoke odors in nearly all areas. Is this something a Public Adjuster could talk to our insurance company about?

A: Absolutely. It is just this sort of dispute that The Baldwin Company’s professional Public Adjusters excel in settling. Having worked with fire-related claims for more than 40 years, we are more than familiar with the kind of misery residual smoke can cause in a home. And we are also familiar with some of the objections that your insurance company’s adjuster may try to bring up regarding this. You need The Baldwin Company to help you get your home back into the condition it was in before you suffered this loss. You shouldn’t have to just “make do”.