What you pay

Our fee structure is not one-size-fits-all: It is individualized to your specific situation. It is normally based on a percentage of your claim, and represents a small amount in relation to your overall claim.

It is important to remember, too, that in general The Baldwin Company is able to help you get more – often much more – than you are likely to receive without our assistance, experience and expertise, not to mention the time, hassle and stress our team can help you avoid.

“The insurance company’s adjuster seemed OK – until the check arrived for only ½ of the insured amount. I then contacted Steve Weiss at The Baldwin Company, and you guys rocked! Thank you for your persistence and your professional approach in dealing with the giant that thought they were in control. Your fee is a small price considering the amount we would have collected without your help.”

George and Paula Farah,
homeowners – Nags Head, NC

“The Baldwin Company’s Kim Young provided a sympathetic ear and relieved us of much of the burden of inventory preparation, and areas of expertise beyond our scope – e.g., Demolition, Rebuilding Costs, etc. Even after your commission, we received thousands of dollars more on our claim than if we’d tried to deal with the insurance company on our own.”

Robert, Martha and Stephanie Bear,
condominium fire – Ladson, SC

“Dealing with the damages from Hurricane Fran could not compare with the trauma we experienced trying to settle with our own insurance company. The wisest decision we made was to hire The Baldwin Company: we would not have even come close to a reasonable settlement without your professional expertise.”

Henry Atkinson,
home, hurricane damage – Hampstead, NC