Your insurance company’s goals may not be the same as yours

The Baldwin Company | Public Adjuster | Charlotte NC

You’re worried about your employees, your family, your very livelihood. You’ve got taxes due, shipments promised, and payroll to meet – and no place to stay or work. You’re wondering how – or if – you will ever recover from all of this.

The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your insurance company has your best interests in mind. But the reality is: they may not.

After all, you’re often just one of many, many policyholders who expect a fair, timely and equitable settlement.

Sadly, that’s not always how it works. Your insurance company and their adjusters often have more claims to resolve than they do resources to resolve them.

You’ll have to be responsible for proving to them the extent of your loss, and you’ll have to provide your own documentation for every single aspect of it – extensively and thoroughly.

Even when you do that, the insurance company, as a business, still has a bottom line to consider, which usually means they are motivated to settle your claim for as little as they possibly can.

In the end, it’s often you, the policyholder, who loses out.

So what can you do?