Large Loss Public Adjuster


Founded in 1976, the Baldwin Company has the experience, knowledge and expertise to handle your large loss insurance claim.  We’ve handled large commercial property losses from Apartment buildings, manufacturing, commercial buildings, offices, for over 30 years.  Your needs in a large loss, and any commercial situation are much different than a residential loss, and we can help make sure you get all that is due to you.

Large losses bring in multiple different complex issues.  There may be different types of insurance, different stakeholders, and different parts of the claim to contend with.  All of this can be very time consuming, and requiring an expertise in managing that most individuals do not have.  The Baldwin Company can help ease this burden and let you focus on recovering your business, factory, warehouse building or apartment building.

The Large Loss Process:

Our process emphasizes getting the complete picture of your large loss so that you get the full value of your claim:

  • A complete inventory of your contents lost or damaged
  • A full assessment of the building damage, and restoration cost
  • A detailed analysis of the lost income (current and forecast) as a result of the damage
  • A review of any other time-element losses to be certain nothing is left out

Large Loss Claims and Cash Flow
Cash flow is important for any business in any situation, and when disaster strikes managing, forecasting and maintaining cash flow becomes critical. Our claim strategy starts with cash flow as the number one priority, working to make things happen in a timely fashion and helping you to minimize any issues and business disruption.

Inventory Issues:
The difficult thing about disaster claims is that they often destroy any record of what was lost.  We can help you to understand what your content inventory was.  Not only do we know the best practices in the industry, our years of practical on the ground experience can help you build an accurate account of all of what was lost.

Baldwin has handled large losses for years, and is prepared to help you with losses involving:

  • Factory/Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Retail building
  • Restaurant
  • Health Care/Medical facility
  • Apartment complex and Apartment Buildings

The Baldwin Company’s experienced team offers both a regional and a nationally-acclaimed professional connection to the intricate world of insurance, meaning the best of all possible worlds for you, our client.

Our experienced team will save you time and money because we know the exacting demands required to prepare your claim quickly and correctly. The end result is usually a faster, more generous check to you

“It is devastating to see portions of your belongings in our century-old engineering and surveying firm completely burned — some partially charred and the rest singed and covered with smoke. After the insurance company’s adjuster asked us to give him a list of items damaged and lost within the building, as well as damages to the building itself, our 11-person staff floundered around for a week with no measurable results. It was such a relief when Baldwin showed up and said, ‘Put all your employees back to work on engineering problems, and let me handle the fire problems.”

C. P. Palmer, Sr.
Fire, Palmer & Mallard, Engineers/Surveyors
Have you suffered a major property loss?

If you’ve suffered a major loss, we meet with insurance representatives on your behalf to energetically pursue a timely, fair, and legitimate outcome.